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Nordic Reach was created for a modern educated reader, with a special angle - of Scandinavia, Nordic influences in America and the world, and of things Scandinavian. This special angle, a profound distribution and sales system, and a select group of partners created a formidable platform for the magazine's re-launch in 2003. The magazine is a brand-new, soon-to-be twenty-year-old magazine for those who love Scandinavia.

It is edited by Ulf Barslund Martensson, a Swedish-born writer and publisher living permanently in the U.S. Contributing editors such as David Bartal, an American-born writer and editor living permanently in Sweden, and Bradley Quinn, a British-born Anglo-Scandinavian specializing in design issues on three or four continents, all share the responsibility of creating relevant material for an international readership.

Contributors, editors, and photographers are scattered across the Scandinavian countries and the rest of the world. Matti Pyykkö photographed our fashion feature in Hanko, Finland, Borkur Sigthorson our feature on the Icelandic women A True Saga, and renowned art photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin donned portraits of the Stars Of Stockholm to our pages.

Bo Zaunders and illustrator Roxie Munro went to Scandinavia from New York to capture Scandinavia with Children, and Mikael Eriksson in Stockholm captured what women really want in The New Nordic Man.

The magazine embodies the Scandinavian tradition of being contemporary with a traditional twist - it's really only by adapting to and embracing change that traditions will survive. Our company's first publication, a newspaper launched in 1872, is still going strong and has been published regularly since that first day, six years after the Civil War. Just as the present will become history, old traditions were once new.

Our message is simple: There's just nothing out there like Nordic Reach. If you're still curious about what gets us up in the mornings, please download our rate card (in pdf format) or send us a note.

Ulf Barslund Martensson, Publisher & Editor

I Kimberley, Crispensen & Sons, Inc.