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Art / Nordic and Scandinavian art in its widest meaning—music, performing arts and the classic visual and graphic art. From Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden.
A Look at Three-Dimensional Scandinavian Art
Each Nordic country has its own set of bronze heroes, reflecting its history and culture. READ MORE »
Bedroom politics a century ago
…as if art matters READ MORE »
When Claude Monet Did Norway
Probably few people are aware that both Claude Monet and Paul Gauguin spent time in Scandinavia. READ MORE »
Mirror of Nature
If you want to know the social, political, philosophical, or religious history of any given country at any given time, visual art can prove helpful.  READ MORE »
Scandinavian Art in New York
America is a nation of immigrants, and the New York art scene has always been invigorated by the fresh ideas of newcomers. READ MORE »
Cirkus Cirkör gets under your skin
Imagine a modern dance/circus performance dealing with red blood cells, the human immune system, hormones, disease, vocal chords... READ MORE »