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Design / Scandinavian design has become known for beauty and simplicity but first and foremost also functionality—Nordic Reach Magazine covers all aspects of design from the region.
Nordic Design Now
The cutting-edge cool design coming out of the Nordic nations today is not Scandinavian design as we once knew it...a new generation of designers is fighting against the backlash of bent wood, no-nonsense naturalism, and chilled-out colors. READ MORE »
Scandinavian design: Beyond Blond
Scandinavian design was once regarded as a gesture of simplicity, but today it makes space for brilliant colors, powerful patterns and lavish motifs. READ MORE »
Louise Campbell: If it works in paper…
Campbell is a designer who moves in many different directions at once as she designs furniture, lighting, and tableware. Campbell describes her work as "furniture for all occasions, from dignity to indecency." READ MORE »
Driving fashion forward
Josefin Lassbo is probably not as famous as she ought to be. A Swedish designer who rose to fashion fame for her environmentally-friendly fabrics and Fair Trade ethics, today Lassbo is pioneering a holistic approach that has rippled far beyond the fashion world. READ MORE »
Design in Sports
Scandinavians—they want to look cool on ski slopes and skateboard ramps  READ MORE »
Mathias Bengtsson: Redefining boundaries
In recent years Bengtsson has gained acclaim for the materials he's explored in his quest to redefine the boundaries of design. "My work is often kicked off by the hi-end technology pioneered by the vehicle and aerospace industries." READ MORE »