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Fashion / The latest fashions, trends and fashion brands from Scandinavia.
A Finnish Girl in New York
Every great dream begins with a dreamer. But in fashion the dream of a modeling career is often realized by those who have yet to dream.  READ MORE »
Say hello to Nordic fashion
The term "Scandinavian fashion" rings few bells in the United States. This is unfortunate, since so much of the fashion from this part of the world would appeal to Americans, if they only knew about it. READ MORE »
Trash Deluxe
New York based, Norwegian born designer Elise Overland: Warrior-woman with a soft spot READ MORE »
'Every girl deserves to feel like a Princess'
With the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, we asked Malin Andrén, a designer sometimes favored by last summer’s royal bride Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, about what it takes to dress the blue blooded, and how her newly established label Malina plans to make every girl feel like a princess.  READ MORE »
Dresses to die for
Vanessa Williams and Sharon Stone are but two of his loyal fans. Swedish fashion designer Kenth Andersson makes the most gorgeous creations, literally dresses to die for: READ MORE »
New on the block
A select group of Danish design and fashion products was exhibited at the high-end Takashimaya Department Store in September, 2007.  READ MORE »