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Dresses to die for

Vanessa Williams and Sharon Stone are but two of his loyal fans. Swedish fashion designer Kenth Andersson makes the most gorgeous creations, literally dresses to die for:

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Whispery soft and feminine and superbly cut. “A woman”, says Andersson, “feels sublimely elegant, yet completely at ease, in my designs.”
The tall, soft-spoken Swede has certainly come a long way from the small village of Rörström (population 200) in northern Sweden to dressing the rich and glamorous. Today he is running his own successful design company, Kenth Andersson New York, Ltd, and has movie stars spreading invaluable compliments about his clothes all over the world.
Although not one to sit back and reminisce, Andersson looks genuinely surprised when he surveys his press clippings.
"I don't really think of my life as a fascinating story until I go through (them),” he says. “Really, I've done a lot of things!"
As a young boy growing up a foster child, Andersson steered away from his soccer-playing friends. He preferred to draw and sew early on. After having studied decorating, he moved to Gothenburg where he took classes in design and advertising at the School of Industrial Art and before long he was working for the exclusive department store NK as a coordinator in charge of fashion shows. Soon, however, Sweden simply seemed too small.
In 1980 Andersson landed in New York.
“I fell in love with New York!” he raves. “It is like a great well of inspiration with all of its different cultures. I get ideas everywhere, from bag ladies to people of different cultures to, well, everything."
It was the then Swedish Consul General’s wife, Eva Thorén, who first gave Andersson a helping hand. She arranged a very successful fashion show at the Swedish Consulate for an international gathering. Shortly afterwards, Andersson met Ulla Manzini, a highly sought after fitting model for production in New York, and she so fell in love with Andersson’s designs that she recommended him to a large Japanese agency searching for new designers. The agency favored Andersson over designers like Donna Karan and Ralph Lauren – Andersson had finally arrived.
Kenth Andersson New York Ltd. was established in 1991 and is headquartered in New York’s Fashion District. In 2001, Andersson successfully expanded into the retail market. The collections he designs are luxurious prêt-a-porter, daytime suits and dresses, cocktail ensembles, and black-tie eveningwear.
"I'm always working", he concludes, "from morning until late night, every day of the week. But my ambition seems to be based more on a need to prove my ability to myself. It is like a driving force within me. I never dreamt of becoming famous, I've never been much of an exhibitionist."
For more info, see: www.kenthny.com
Photography: Henrik Olund

//DAN, most of the pics from roof are of Kenth’s designs and I’d like to use these to lighten up the section a bit (some of them are also quite OK) Text for that particular photo

Fashion Shoot, New York, NY
Photography: Nikolaj Alsterdal
Make-up artist: Lauren Conklin, FACE Stockholm
Make-up: FACE Stockholm
Style assist: Alisha

On Viktorya (black girl):
1. Black dress by Tiger of Sweden (MG_0917)
Shoes: Bruuns Bazaar

2. Black and White Tweed dress by Helena (MG_1033)
Efva Attling earrings

On Jane:
1. Brown dress by Helena (MG_1036)

2. Blue Cape by Johanna/Ekovaruhuset (MG_1081)
Nudi Jeans, Lumi Gloves

Everything else is design: Kenth Andersson, New York
1. Black Sweater, brown skirt. (MG_1098, 1107)
2. Pink mini dress. (1144 - not a favorite, I'm looking for a better image of the same outfit)
3. Black dress. (1181,1216, 1269)

Shoes: Yves St Laurent

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