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Food / Scandinavian cooking in America, the chefs of America with a strong Scandinavian connection, the chefs that use Scandinavian ingredients in new and exciting ways and the chefs and the noteworthy restaurants in all of the Nordic countries.
Immigrant Chefs in Manhattan
The term New York, when applied to food, is meant to refer to the best. It's as if New Yorkers are the nation's designated tasters, much as is the case with Londoners and Parisians in the main European restaurant hubs.  READ MORE »
Princess Cake fit for a Tsar
The Russians gave us their vodka, so it’s only right that we offer them something in return. And what could be better than something sweet? READ MORE »
Chef Sheri Kimball’s Lingonberry pizza
Most Scandinavians shudder at the mere thought of putting lingonberries on pizza, but Sheri Kimball’s pizza is not only beautiful to behold – covered as it is with the bright red berries –  READ MORE »
Chef Sohlberg’s Baked cod
Morten Sohlberg, owner and executive chef of Smörgåschef, with three locations in Manhattan, creates a new recipe with cod and lingonberries for Nordic Reach. READ MORE »
Chef Andersson’s Floating Cheesecake
The executive chef at the Four Seasons Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, with an army of cooks to help him out, has come a long way from Gothenburg, Sweden, where he was born and raised. READ MORE »
Chef Johansson’s Lingonberry soufflé
Chef David Johansson runs espresso bar FIKA located at 41 West 58th Street, Manhattan, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues with fellow Swede and coffee aficionado Lars Åkerlund.  READ MORE »