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Lifestyle / Lifestyles in modern Scandinavia—in all of the Nordic Region, covering Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
Living sustainable in Scandinavia
Living close to nature and to balance a hectic 21st century lifestyle with touches of the natural joys of the environment was always an important part of the every-day life of Scandinavians.  READ MORE »
The New Nordic Man
…He cooks, he cleans, he plays soccer too.There is a firm belief in Scandinavia that women and men must be able to participate in the working life on an equal footing. In order to do this, they have to share the work at home.  READ MORE »
Oslo for the Holidays
Who would expect such soaring holiday spirit and such warmth in wintry Oslo? Oslo in December can be quite the experience; READ MORE »
Stockholm at Christmas time
Just the size and shape of California, Sweden packs into its borders sophisticated urban attractions such as restaurants and clubs of every form and shape, world-class museums, stunning fashions and glittering award presentations.  READ MORE »
Love & Marriage: Scandinavian style
A new myth about the Nordic countries has been born, joining the ranks of the popular perception abroad that Scandinavians practice “free-love.” READ MORE »
Varberg – Sweden Sunny Side Up
Varberg’s who’s who—Question: How do you get the business world’s upper echilon and their spouses to undress in front of a camera?  READ MORE »