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Traditions / Traditions, culture and lifestyle from all of the Nordic countries—Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
Lingon, tyttebaer, the lingonberry
A staple in close to every Scandinavian home, many Americans encounter lingonberries for the first time browsing the aisles at their local IKEA.  READ MORE »
The American Thanksgiving
For our readers outside the U.S., here’s a brief history of the American Thanksgiving: READ MORE »
Finns All Steamed Up Over Saunas
The Finnish people have an almost missionary zeal when it comes to saunas. After all, the word “sauna” is Finland’s sole contribution to the global vocabulary.  READ MORE »
Strong Icelandic women: A true Saga
If a woman is slapped in the face in an Icelandic film or novel, you can be dead certain that a terrible act of retribution is soon to come.  READ MORE »
'Ich bin ein New Yorker'
According to renowned New Yorker writer E.B. White, there are three New Yorks: that of native New Yorkers, that of commuters and “the greatest” [New York, that of] the person who... READ MORE »
59º25' North, 39º51' West
"I used to wonder where I belonged, here or in Europe, and it was always in an airplane, over the middle of the Atlantic, that I would feel perfectly content," one of our contributors recently said. READ MORE »