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59º25' North, 39º51' West

"I used to wonder where I belonged, here or in Europe, and it was always in an airplane, over the middle of the Atlantic, that I would feel perfectly content," one of our contributors recently said.

59º25' North, 39º51' West - those coordinates put you exactly halfway between Scandinavia and the United States. (Measured in this case using the Great Circle distance between the two most common points of flight origin between the countries– from New York to Stockholm.)

Geographically speaking, this spot is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, just south of Greenland's Kap Farvel and between the Reykjanes Ridge and Labrador Basin. Not exactly your prime vacation destination.

Philosophically, however, halfway between the U.S. and Scandinavia is where many expatriates from either part of the world perceive themselves to be. The same goes for their first or second generation offspring, often brought up in two cultures. Far from living in the middle of nowhere, they live in the middle of two cultures in which they feel equally at home.

Nordic Reach magazine captures that spirit, covering people, places and stories of interest to everyone with a foot-or soul-in both the Scandinavian and American cultures, as well as to those who wish to appreciate them more deeply. We are there with you, always on the cutting edge, always up to date, always north of the ordinary.

Upholding traditions, and acknowledging our roots, is both a privilege and an obligation – a privilege to explore the traditions of earlier generations and an obligation, to continue the traditions in such a way that future generations will follow in our footsteps. Our vision is that anyone with one foot in Scandinavia and one in America will feel at home on the pages of Nordic Reach.

Nordic Reach
location 59º25' North, 39º51' West

Text: Ulf Barslund Martensson
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