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Swedish Crawfish Party
Category Networking
Start date 05.15.2021   06:00 PM City: Dallas
End date 05.15.2021   09:00 PM Location TX, US
Sit-down dinner with cooked and prepared crayfish for the evening, along with pie, bread, cheese and drinks. There will be lots of entertainment including the traditional snaps-songs.

Don't know any songs? Don't worry, we have you covered.

All this for a fantastic $60/person or $40/SACC members. The curbside pick-up is $20 per person (more details below).

In this curbside pick-up option, we will prepare a Swedish crayfish "pack" per person that can be picked up on the afternoon of Saturday 15th from the same location.
So if you prefer to join online, we will send the event LIVE via Zoom conference. This way you can still join the festivities, sing-along and we will make sure to keep you entertained.

Organizer SACC TX-Dallas Email
Phone URL https://sacctx.com/eventstx