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Concert: Maja Heurling and Ola Sandstrom
Category Entertainment
Start date 05.07.2021   02:00 PM Address: Online
End date 05.07.2021   03:30 PM Location WI, US
In collaboration with the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study, the Sustaining Scandinavian Folk Arts in the Upper Midwest Project is excited to host an online concert featuring Maja Heurling and Ola Sandstrom on May 7 at 2 p.m. Central Time.

Signe Aurell was a Swedish immigrant and poet, and one hundred years after their publication her poems have been set to music by Maja Heurling and Ola Sandstrom. In 1913, she traveled alone from Sweden to Minnesota, where she worked as a laundress and seamstress. When not working in the homes of others, she wrote labor poetry. In 1919, Signe self-published a poetry collection in Swedish, Irrbloss (Will-the-Wisp), featuring her lyrically powerful work. Her poems, mostly unknown until now, tell of homesickness and the struggle for a better tomorrow. Today, Heurling and Sandstom's musical compositions highlighting a selection of poems from Irrbloss blend folk music and the Swedish visa tradition to amplify the importance and continued relevance of Signe's words.

The concert will take place on on Friday, May 7, at 2:00pm Central Time and will be conducted over the Zoom webinar platform. Registration is recommended and is free. You will receive a Zoom link to our event via email prior to the event.

Email the Sustaining Scandinavian Folk Arts in the Upper Midwest project with any questions.
Organizer University of Wisconsin-Madison Email folklife@letsci.wisc.edu
Phone URL www.folklife.wisc.edu/event/concert-maja-huerling-and-ola-sandstrom-perform-irrbloss/