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Rosemaling with Marilyn Hansen
Category Education
Start date 09.11.2021   10:30 AM Address / City: 2655 NW Market Street, Seattle, WA Seattle
End date 10.03.2021   12:00 PM Location WA, US
Explore this form of Norwegian folk art or simply brush up on your painting and design skills.
Regional styles taught include Telemark, Hallingdal, and Gudbrandsdal, among others. Students paint on a variety of decorative and useful objects.

All levels welcome; enrolling in at least three classes is required. Registration covers costs associated with three classes; participants may select any of the dates offered. Supplies are available for an additional charge on the day of the program.

Cost: $108/three sessions for Members; $120/three sessions for general admission

Additional tickets may be purchased by participants, on-site. Cost:$36/day for Members; $40/day general admission.
Organizer National Nordic Museum Email marketing@nordicmuseum.org
Phone 206-789-5707x7025 URL www.nordicmuseum.org/series-event/160