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Virtual Workshop: Paint the Landscape
Category Education
Start date 09.12.2021   12:00 PM Address / City: 2655 NW Market Street Seattle
End date 09.12.2021   02:00 PM Location WA, US
The exhibit Among Forests and Lakes: Landscape Masterpieces from the Finnish National Gallery provides a range of artistic responses to the breathtaking beauty of Finland.

The landscape is full of astounding beauty and inspires us to respond with our own artistic expression!

Whether or not you have ever picked up a brush, you will enjoy the experience of looking carefully at the landscape then creating your own, unique acrylic painting. You will learn how think about the landscape, simplify what you see and plan your work before you even begin painting! Then you will learn color-mixing and techniques with your brushes to create various elements in the landscape such as clouds, trees, mountains, water and more!

We will take a lesson from Finnish artists Lea Ignatius and H. Ahtela (Einar Reuter) who used simplification to convey the aesthetic impact the landscape had on them. Supplies not provided.
Organizer National Nordic Museum Email marketing@nordicmuseum.org
Phone 206.789.5707x7025 URL www.nordicmuseum.org/product/6170