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Virtual Studio Visit with Allyce Wood
Category Entertainment
Start date 09.18.2021   11:00 AM Address / City: 2655 NW Market Street Seattle
End date 09.18.2021   12:00 PM Location WA, US
This studio visit showcases the work and workspace of visual artist, Allyce Wood. Join us online for a special tour of Wood's studio, located in the Miller Studio Collective in Georgetown, and learn about her tools and techniques, inspirations and passions, and what she hopes to build through textiles. Hear about her experiences living and working in Scandinavia, her formal and informal ways of learning the intricacies of production, and how her Norwegian and Icelandic experiences continue to color her work.
Wood is also the owner of a Bergman Loom, a countermarch floor loom built by legendary local weaver Margaret Olofsson Bergman; she will speak to the loom's history and function, as well as its use in her own creation of artworks. A Bergman Loom can be seen in the National Nordic Museum's own collection.

Cost: $10/members, $15/general admission
Organizer National Nordic Museum Email marketing@nordicmuseum.org
Phone 2067895707x7025 URL https://www.nordicmuseum.org/product/6144