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Lucia Fest 2023
Category Celebration
Start date 12.09.2023   02:00 PM Address / City: 916 S. Swanson St. Philadelphia
End date 12.10.2023   05:00 PM Location PA, US
Lucia Fest is a colorful, musical pageant, featuring singers and a procession of children wearing crowns of live candles, representative of St. Lucia, the bearer of light during the dark Swedish winters. It is a unique opportunity to witness this authentic holiday tradition, performed in a 300-year-old church built by Swedish settlers.

A Scandinavian Christmas bazaar - St. Eric's Fair - will be open before and after each showtime, with imported goods available for purchase.

Shows are Saturday & Sunday 2:00, 3:30, 5:00.
Organizer Gloria Dei (Old Swedes') Episcopal Church Email info@old-swedes.org
Phone 215-389-1513 URL www.old-swedes.org