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Cottages in the Woods
Category Social
Start date 11.11.2017   10:00 AM Address / City: 628 East Side Dr. Geneva, IL
End date 11.12.2017   04:00 PM Location IL, US
Geneva's Good Templar Park is open to the public with a special family event for two days in November. Enjoy Scandinavian Folk Art and Folklore in the little cottages made up for the holidays - Rosemaling, wood carving, crafts and gifts, bakery and coffee house. $5 entrance, children under 12 free. The Friends of the Viking Ship will also be providing tours for 5$. Cottages are open and filled with crafts and Scandinavian treats. Take a stroll under the oaks and enjoy the community.
Organizer Good Templar Park Email
Phone 630.232.4208 URL http://www.goodtemplarpark.org/events/2017/11/11/cottages-in-the-woods