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Duolingo Swedish Practice in Clarkston/Lake Orion
Category Education
Start date 01.06.2019   01:00 PM Address / City: 4804 S Baldwin Road Lake Orion, MI
End date 01.06.2019   02:30 PM Location MI, US
Hej! Join us for a casual social gathering at Panera Bread, Lake Orion to practice your Swedish conversation skills and meet your local community! Beginners, intermediate, and advanced/native speakers welcome!

Panera Bread, Lake Orion
4804 S Baldwin Road
Lake Orion, 48359

This meeting will be a fika, so feel free to get yourself a coffee or tea and a pastry before you sit down!

Today, we'd like to get to know you. What are your interests and hobbies? Where have you traveled? What are some of your favorite foods? Why are you learning Swedish?

Participants will be encouraged to communicate in Swedish as much as possible, but we will do our best to accommodate learners of every level. You are welcome to script an introduction ahead of time and read it to us, if that is more comfortable.

Find us: we will have a sign with Duo the owl and some Swedish flags!

This group is open to all ages, but participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

More information and RSVP here: https://events.duolingo.com/clarkston-swedish/
Organizer Duolingo Clarkston Swedish Email clarkstonswedish@gmail.com
Phone URL https://events.duolingo.com/clarkston-swedish/