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Nordic Cinema Course
Category Education
Start date 09.23.2019   06:15 PM Address / City: 8800 SW Oleson Road Portland
End date 11.18.2019   09:15 PM Location OR, US
This course will provide an introduction to the origins and development of Scandinavian film over the past 90 years. The focus will be to acquaint students with the major directors, themes and narrative styles of this broad and rich subject!
Dr. Birnie received his Ph.D. in German Literature, with a minor in Scandinavian Studies, from the University of Washington in Seattle. Among the classes he has taught at PSU are Norwegian, Scandinavian literature and film, and German.
Organizer Nordic Northwest Email lailas@nordicnorthwest.org
Phone 503.977.0275 URL www.nordicnorthwest.org