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Milwaukee Film Festival: The Raft
Category Entertainment
Start date 10.18.2019   12:00 PM Address / City: Oriental Theatre, 230 N Farwell Ave, Milwaukee
End date 10.29.2019   06:00 PM Location WI, US
See a screening of this DOCUMENTARY FESTIVAL FAVORITE: The Raft

In an infamous 1973 scientific experiment that the press dubiously named "the sex raft," 11 strangers spent three months drifting across the Atlantic Ocean on a raft. The researchers who arranged the study hoped to learn about group behavioral dynamics, but that's not all that happened.

Mixing astonishing archival footage with a present-day reunion of the surviving members, The Raft takes viewers inside that strange, unforgettable journey.

Director: Marcus Lindeen (2018)
1 hr, 37 min
Organizer Milwaukee Film Festival Email
Phone (414) 276-5140 URL www.mkefilm.org/events/mff2019/the-raft