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Start date 12.07.2019   09:00 AM Address / City: 404 South 3rd Street Rockford
End date 12.07.2019   01:00 PM Location IL, US
Continue the holiday spirit with our annual Julmarknad! Join us at Our Savior's Lutheran Church, located at 3300 Rural St on December 7th from 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM.

Families can join in the annual Breakfast with Tomte starting at 10:00 am. Lucia children will help serve breakfast and will perform at 10:30 am. Reservations are required for the Breakfast with Tomte. Sing Swedish songs, enjoy festive music and dance around the Christmas tree!
Throughout the entire day you can shop the Marknad with vendors of all kinds! Swedish foods, bakery, handmade crafts and even a MorMor's Attic will be featured. Don't forget to stop by the Kaffe Stugan and enjoy treats and delicious coffee will be served.

The cost is $8.00 per person for Breakfast with Tomten and RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Please RSVP by December 5th. If you have any questions, please call 815-963-5559.
Organizer Swedish Historical Society Email museum@swedishhistorical.org
Phone 815.963.5559 URL www.swedishhistorical.org/lucia--julmarknad.html