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 SEP / OCT 2017 / NOV   
Date Event Category Location
10.06.2017 Runeberg Choir concert Entertainment Chicago, IL, US
10.07.2017 - 10.08.2017 Viking Encampment Entertainment Roswell, GA, US
10.10.2017 Soup & Cinema: Reverse (Bakk) Entertainment Seattle, WA, US
10.14.2017 Johanna Kindvall's Smörgåsbord Entertainment West Newton, MA, US
10.18.2017 The Art of Recalling with Barbara Sjoholm Education Seattle, WA, US
10.21.2017 Screening: The Emigrants Entertainment West Newton, MA, US
10.26.2017 The Square Entertainment New York, NY, US
10.28.2017 Fika Sound Series: Niklas Sivelöv Entertainment West Newton, MA, US
10.29.2017 Youth Class: Painted Dala Horses Education Minneapolis, MN, US