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 DEC / JAN 2019 / FEB   
Date Event Category Location
09.28.2018 - 01.25.2019 Fika Friday Social Lindsborg, KS, US
10.14.2018 - 01.19.2019 Helena Hernmarck: Weaving In Progress Exhibit Ridgefield, CT, US
10.25.2018 - 03.28.2019 Music on Park Avenue Entertainment New York, NY, US
12.31.2018 - 01.01.2019 Nyårsfest at the Club Social Seattle, WA, US
01.05.2019 Fika Sound Series Education West Newton, MA, US
01.06.2019 Duolingo Swedish Practice in Clarkston/Lake Orion Education Lake Orion, MI, MI, US
01.08.2019 - 03.31.2019 Hygge Exhibit Exhibit Portland, OR, US
01.10.2019 Glögg Tour Entertainment Minneapolis , MN, US
01.11.2019 - 02.01.2019 Astrid Lindgren: Beyond Pippi Family Minneapolis, MN, US
01.11.2019 Friday Lecture: Remembering Uniontown Education Portland, OR, US
01.13.2019 - 01.12.2019 Julgransplundring Celebration Chicago, IL, US
01.13.2019 Tjugondedag Knut Celebration Moorhead, MN, US
01.17.2019 Vikings: Beyond the Feast Education Philadelphia, PA, US
01.18.2019 Hejsan Family Chicago, IL, US
01.19.2019 Mixed Media Workshop: family collage Family Minneapolis, MN, US
01.19.2019 Viking Scholars: Sagas and the Viking Age Education Seattle, WA, US
01.20.2019 Thalia Orchestra Entertainment Seattle, WA, US
01.26.2019 Pea Soup and Punsch Supper Celebration Philadelphia, PA, US
01.27.2019 Book Talk: The All Father Paradox Education Seattle, WA, US
01.30.2019 Nordic Table Workshop: ostkaka Education Minneapolis, MN, US