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 NOV / DEC 2022 / JAN   
Date Event Category Location
09.14.2022 - 12.14.2022 Intermediate Swedish 3 Language Courses (Hybrid) Education New York City, NY, US
10.04.2022 - 10.28.2023 Play Sessions Family New York, NY, US
11.12.2022 - 12.03.2022 Christmas Bazaar Celebration San Francisco, CA, US
11.25.2022 - 12.04.2022 Julmarknad Celebration Bishop Hill, IL, US
12.01.2022 Nordic Stories: The Wild Christmas Reindeer Education Seattle, WA, US
12.02.2022 Suncoast Scandinavian Club Social Clearwater, FL, US
12.03.2022 Swedish Konditori Celebration Stromsburg, NE, US
12.03.2022 Scandinavian Christmas Fair Family RALEIGH, NC, US
12.03.2022 Advanced Sami Inspired Bracelet Education Portland, OR, US
12.03.2022 - 12.04.2022 Lucia & Christmas Market Celebration Philadelphia, PA, US
12.03.2022 Christmas Market Celebration Fairfield, CT, US
12.03.2022 The Thrill(er)s of Christmas: Rare Exports Family Seattle, WA, US
12.03.2022 Portland Nordic Chorus Annual Christmas Concert Entertainment Portland, OR, US
12.09.2022 - 12.10.2022 Lucia Nights 2022 Celebration Bishop Hill, IL, US
12.10.2022 Vasa Meeting Social Sioux City, SD, US
12.10.2022 Lucia and Christmas fair Celebration Los Angeles, CA, US
12.11.2022 Art and artist discussion Education Seattle, WA, US
12.11.2022 Nordic Crafts for the Holidays Education Seattle, WA, US
12.11.2022 Julbord with Gangspil Concert Entertainment Fairfield, CT, US
12.11.2022 Trim-A-Tree Family Drexel Hill, PA, US
12.13.2022 Virtual Workshop: Papercutting for the Holidays Education Seattle, WA, US
12.15.2022 Virtual Crafts & Cocktails Entertainment Seattle, WA, US
12.20.2022 Toddler Time: Swedish Christmas Family Philadelphia, PA, US
12.25.2022 Julotta Celebration Stanton, IA, US